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Ditto on the vacation mode

I, like many others, would love to have a feature where you could schedule in some vacation time and therefore not lose your streak. We do a lot of camping in my family, and unsurprisingly, where we camp there is no internet. I do intend to write those days, but obviously will still lose my streak online.

To ensure people are still writing, I propose these stipulations: vacation time must be scheduled at least a week or two in advance, and when the vacation is over you have to go back and enter in words for those days. If you word processed and just couldn’t post, copy-paste. If you wrote in a physical notebook, you can either type in what you wrote or just copy-paste nonsense to fill in that many words. Either way, you have to go back and put words for those days to continue your streak.

New Feature Request Note from Michele Howarth on Mon, Aug 01

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