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To be able to save a streak thru Internet absence

I want to be able to break a streak in a planned way – to specify in advance that I won’t be logging on to the 750words site, but not to lose the days for my current streak.

I’m looking forward to an eight-day holiday Without Internet in October. I of course intend to keep writing my 750words a day – it’s champion discipline and I love Buster for it muchly. But I calculate that this holiday will arrive in good time to make sure I don’t get my 200-day streak badge – I ought to get to the 100-day streak badge (again) but will by default be starting back at zero after the holiday.

So my New Feature Request is to be able to specify a holiday that allows me to save my current streak and continue it after the holiday is over.

New Feature Request Note from Yonmei onIJ on Mon, Aug 01

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