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A Note of Inspiration from Nate Hawthorne

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I’m a new user. I’ve been here for a week and am happy to say I’ve written every day for this week. The description of where the site came from really resonated with me – trying to do morning pages as part of ‘The Artists Way’, trying out blogging etc. I write as part of my job and as a hobby. Having a place to privately journal and collect my thoughts, and a place where I can be scatterbrained for a few minutes, has been really nice for this week. I’ve felt more focused and deliberate in the rest of my work as a result. I really like the badges and the statistics as they give a sense of accomplishment. I’m a proud penguin badge holder, and look forward to my upcoming flamingo… I also didn’t know, until the stats showed me, I’m a faster than average writer. That’s a cool thing to know. Writing is solitary, sometimes even lonely, so having some feedback like the site provides, coupled with the honesty and security that come with having the writing be totally anonymous, that’s a really nice thing. Thanks so much for this site.

Testimonial Note from Nate Hawthorne on Fri, Jul 29

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