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A Note of Inspiration from Judy Jayne

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seed words

Sometimes as I’m writing, especially as I finish up writing for the day, I have in mind another topic I’d like to write about, and it would be cool if that could be sent as part of the daily nudge. Something like this: when a writer navigates away from the writing page, a little pop-up asks for a seed word (or words? but there would have to be a limit, say 3-5 words), then the next day’s daily nudge includes that seed word. OR the seed word could appear in a pop-up at the start of the next writing session, though I guess that might be a bit trickier to implement.

This feature could be used also as a motivational carrot. Maybe you only get the pop-up if you’re already on at least a 2-day streak.

That’s my idea!

New Feature Request Note from Judy Jayne on Tue, Jun 21

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