The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Mike Brimberry

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I am an entrepreneur and currently in a mental block about a new business proposal. I recently began seeing a creativity coach and she suggested that I begin writing Morning Papers. She gave me a brief overview of the idea but I wanted a little more information so I did a web search on Morning Papers. The search yielded this website. I did “a look and see” and thought it was an excellent way to write what I think in a secure environment. I have been writing everyday this week and enjoy it. The writing analysis is a cool tool to have. It gives one a cursory overview of one’s mindset for the day. As a goodwill gesture I became a patron today. I am proud I found this site. After almost a week of writing I can feel the clutter leaving my mind.

Testimonial Note from Mike Brimberry on Sat, Jun 18

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