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A Note of Inspiration from Lena Josef Vreeland

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Monthly Challenge and/or Day Streak Forgiveness

Okay, I know I’m not the only person here who has felt absolutely TERRIBLE when they miss a day in either the Monthly Challenge or just in general and instantly, there goes that X amount of days streak. Sometimes, real life gets in the way and it’s out of our control.
With that said, I suggest that there be a feature implemented for this site to “forgive” us for missing a single day. Only one, lest people take advantage! So whether the “punishment” to make up for the previous day be writing double or triple the usual word amount and/or offering the chance to donate a set amount of $ even to erase that one day mistake, it would most certainly be lovely.
Anyway, that’s my suggestion for the month… a month I was signed up for the Monthly Challenge and that I missed by a single day with only three days in May left! Ouch…

New Feature Request Note from Lena Josef Vreeland on Mon, May 30

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