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More badges for accomplishments

There’s a number of things I’d love to see develop further — an iPad interface, the possibility to use tags in one’s notes (… and, er, perhaps even the use of footnotes? I realize I’m probably the only sad, academic writer to conceivably aspire to those in my morning pages, but a girl can hope, right?!) In the short run, though, I’ve found the badges to be very motivating and would love to see a few more: A three-week one, perhaps, or one that could fit snugly between the “30 day” and “100 day” accomplishments, a badge for writing consistently more than 1,000 words, etc. I realize at some point habit takes over, but for those of us who (like yours truly) are motivated by pretty colors and shiny stickers, a few more badges would spell even more writer-ly happiness!

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