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A Note of Inspiration from Andrew Baerthel

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More badges for accomplishments

Although the site is 750, it would be great to have more behaviour badges, especially the 10 day ones. Like challenging people to write over 1000 words for 10 days, over 2000 words for 10 days, 3000 words for 10 days and things like that.

Other behaviour related suggestions could be a badge for a 10 day streak of any of the mindset or other stats. Example “Thinker” badge for someone who is dominantly a thinker for 10 days or more, etc.

I like challenges personally, so any way that badges can inspire us to do more, to enjoy our process of writing and reflecting more would be awesome. I already really appreciate the structure you have given us for writing and reflection. Lots of gratitude!


New Feature Vote from Andrew Baerthel on Tue, May 17

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