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A Note of Inspiration from Tim Wade

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Metadata display ranges and 3 other suggestions

1. In the metadata comparison chart, enable the compared data to be on a second Y-axis.
2. More importantly, allow a manual setting range for displaying each metadata item.
For example, I want to compare my weight over time with the number of items of crap that I’ve eaten daily. So I might have 100.8 (kg) on the one axis, and this is only ever going to change by … say 10kg over a period of months/years. When compared with 0 to 15 items of crap eaten a day, on the same axis the visual is meaningless because the amounts are so vastly different. I’d like to have a simple axes min and max box for each item that is saved in my settings or somewhere. So for my weight I might put a max at 105kg, and a min at 85kg (apparently my ideal weight), and for my Crapeaten metadata, I might have the range from 0 to infinity.
When I now see these two together over time, I can see trends and cause-effect patterns.
Some other range might see the minimum as -10 and the max as +10 (eg a rating scale).
3. You might also create a little window in the top right of the writing page called TRACKER or CHECK-IN and there our metadata check-in can happen without affecting the word count or the analysis of mood etc. I had seen my swearing, negative and anger ratings unusually high because of my metadata name being CRAPEATEN and then talking about the number of “serves of crap” that I had consumed…
LOVE this site (and Health Month). Thank you.
4. P.S. sounds peculiar, but consider creating an affiliate program. Credit them 10-20% of anything spent by those they introduce. Perhaps they can use it for cups, donations, buying lives, patronage, … etc… or in case of an uncontrollable influx of cash, you could even send them a cheque… :)

New Feature Request Note from Tim Wade on Sun, May 15

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