The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Leslie Pears

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I’ve just finished my 750+ words for the 30th day of April and it feels mighty good. I earned a Hampster and a Cheetah this month, so my list of badges is growing, giving me renewed incentive to persevere toward my Albatross and my first Flock. Alas, I will not earn my Turquoise Stallion this month because I was unable to get to a computer in time to finish my writing on the evening of Thursday the 14th. It’s a pity, but with this disappointment, has come some insight. The lesson learned, is that I need to make it a point to write in the MORNING, before the day can whisk me into it’s whirlwind. I am also finding that morning writing helps me map out my day, and that I emerge from my writing session with a greater sense of clarity regarding what I want to accomplish. Thanks so much, Buster, for this tool to keep me on track and centered. I have signed up for May and hope to make it all the way through. In fact, I plan to be celebrating with my very own Turquoise Horse on Memorial Day! I may be on the Wall of Shame this month, but I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself, nonetheless. Can’t wait to get started tomorrow morning on a new challenge! Good luck to everyone who will be trying again in the lusty month of May. May we ALL end up on the Wall of Awesomeness!

Testimonial Note from Leslie Pears on Sat, Apr 30

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