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A Note of Inspiration from David Habib

4 cups

A few days ago, I finally got my pterodactyl badge. I was so happy about that. I’d never imagined that I’d be able to stick with something for so long. It’s not like me.

Yesterday, I spaced out, my pterodactyl went extinct and I now find myself back to being an egg. Frustrated? I probably should be, but it actually doesn’t bother me. What I’ve gotten from the site, it goes beyond these badges and it can never be lost, it can never be reset like my streak. The progress has been real, and I plan on sticking with it for a long time to come.

To Buster, I say thanks for giving us such a great tool of self-discovery. To all my fellow users, I say stick with it. To the people who are still dinosaurs, I say keep at it and look out for meteors! And to my pterodactyl, I say, ‘see you again someday, buddy.’ =)

Testimonial Note from David Habib on Sat, Mar 26

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