The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from La Flaneuse

2 cups

I just earned my Phoenix badge! Amazing how a virtual badge can be so motivational, just as much (if not more than) those embroidered patches I earned in Girl Scouts. On nights when I was tired and just wanted to succumb to sleep, I forced myself to type my 750 words to make sure I didn’t forfeit my chance at that Phoenix. Doing so has taught me that I need these 750 words each day to confess to myself, to vent, to dream, to babble, to come up dry and find the flow again after a couple of paragraphs. The structure of this site is genius, with the word countdown and the badges. Thank you for creating it to enable me (and others) to persist in our own creativity.

Now on to the Ptero…ok, I can’t spell that one. Going for 200 days in a row… would be nice to have something at the 150 mark in between, but then that will just send me to the other badges in attempts to continue collecting them!

Testimonial Note from La Flaneuse on Sun, Mar 20

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