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A Note of Inspiration from Lea Woolf

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Exchange a cup for a day away

I just finished writing my words this morning, and I am a bit sad. I am off for a few days in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, where I’ll have time to write, write, and write again. But there will not be internet access, and I will lose my streak. I love coming here every morning. I set up my alarm clock half an hour earlier, so that I can write before the kids get up. I find that my days are clearer when I come here, my writing project is advancing, my life is just better in general. But I will lose my streak, and that makes me sad.

So I wish that we could exchange a cup of patronage, in advance, for days that we know we will write but not be able to come here. And then when we come back, we simply copy our words back in the respective days, and then we don’t become an egg again… :)

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