The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Patrick Hanley

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Buster, 750 words has helped me through a period of intense personal growth. My writing has been sporadic, but when I’ve needed to do it, 750 words has been there to help me get my head clear. I can’t say that I’ve written anything spectacular, but I have discovered that I can in fact write something.

Your hard work in putting together, and running 750 words is helping me towards my dream of being a writer. 10 months after finding this site through a friend, and I am now doing a creative writing course and loving my daily pages. ( I wish they were always morning pages, but they arent! )

Thankyou Buster. Your inspiration, ideas, execution and dedication have changed my life.


Testimonial Note from Patrick Hanley on Tue, Mar 01

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