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A Note of Inspiration from Member nancy s

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I am here, and that is how I begin many of my entries. Trying for gratitude and presence for at least one mini sentence a day, then I have free reign to write all kinds of angry and sad and boring and miraculous and awful and fabulous and mundane crap along with what I hope yields a speck of personal growth, getting things out of the muddle so I can connect the dots of the worlds I struggle with. I haven’t been ready to hop over to the new spot, but who knows, maybe tomorrow? I will be eternally grateful that this small dumping-and-building ground exists. I wish all the badges were ACTUAL badges that I could iron on a jacket! Because I would wear it proudly! But I am immensely pleased with all the ones I earned and can beam proudly at if I make it into this space. THANK YOU!! Everyone maintaining, everyone writing. We are here.

Testimonial Note from nancy s on Mon, May 23

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