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A Note of Inspiration from Yonmei onIJ

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Have the new site have the same functionality as the old site

I wrote this as a feedback note on the new site, but as no one ever responds to feedback over there, at least this way I get to set it down.

I hadn’t realised the new site was going to have inferior functionality to the old site. I was 50 words off finishing when my time ran out: on the old site I could just have adjusted my finishing time and all’s well – but the new site’s limited and inferior functionlity doesn’t have that option. I’m going back to the old site now – let me know when the new site is at least as good as the old one,

Also, I’ve been interrupted every hundred characters or so typing this on the new site’s feedback form as the new site moves me away from the feedback form on to the new day page.

New Feature Request Note from Yonmei onIJ on Tue, Apr 05

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