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A Note of Inspiration from Member Clare Howard

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Hello, I wanted to give a shout out to Kelliane. I had an unbroken streak of 796 days until last week when a migraine descended and I missed a day. I wrote to Kelliane who responded quickly and in my favour. It has made me realise how incredibly important this site is for me. In my 60s, on the death of my younger brother in December 2019, I decided to fulfil a dream that began in my 20s – to write a novel. I’m not there yet, but not far off (on 3rd rewrite) and I know that I wouldn’t be at this stage without the routine of writing 1000 words first thing (I like to have parity between days and thousand words)) Also I suspect, this habit gives me the best chance of maintaining a sense of balance in life,
A huge thank you to Kelliane and for the very existence of

Testimonial Note from Clare Howard on Sun, Apr 03

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