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A Note of Inspiration from Member Renda

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Just a few weeks ago, I decided to start 750 words seriously and try to see what my writing streak would be. In addition to being on a 40+ day streak, I have found the writing stats to be most helpful. I like the stats showing mindset, etc. and it has helped me direct (guide) myself out of those days of funk and into a much better mindset. Enough so that I have encouraged family and friends to take advantage of this site and become members.

Additionally, it is aiding me to get into gear for NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) for which I have participated in since 2008. Another added benefit has been the ability to see where certain struggles have been in my life and work on those. When you write from the heart and mind, it really does help see the soul and self-reflect on areas that may need work.

And lastly, when I write down all my thoughts daily it allows me to feel more rested and relaxed…like a weight has been lifted. Not to mention all the snippets of short stories, poetry, and novel ideas that seem to appear. Did I mention characters too?

Write on friends!

Testimonial Note from Renda on Fri, Sep 17

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