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A Note of Inspiration from Member CDH

6 cups

G’day, writing hermits.How are you?
I have enjoyed reading your testimonials and notes of inspiration over the years. Gotta admit, sometimes I needed that little hug.
(Is it my turn now to say something kind?)
Eh, better to be honest.
I reached a 1500 day streak!
I CAN make the next 500 days to The Great Griffin.
However, I just don’t know WHY.
This milestone sigh isn’t a celebration. It reveals hundreds of hours of disposable written nonsense. Okay, with rare gems.
It was sluggish today. Perhaps easier sailing awaits tomorrow. ​
Just posting this here to affirm its okay to have days where you “have nothing to write.” And yet, BAM.

Testimonial Note from CDH on Fri, Aug 27

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