The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Member Stephanie Shareck Werner

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I awakened this morning — extra early — with anxiety deep in my chest. I was too tired last night before bed to reopen my 750 Words account. I closed it —for the second time — a few months ago, when things seemed to be going well. This morning I recognize that the tension I feel in the center of my being is an accumulation of thoughts, feelings, emotions, observations and even solutions asking to be brought forth. The regular journal didn’t work — I have some joint pain that makes that much writing uncomfortable. The bullet journal didn’t work—too cute. One Note didn’t work—doesn’t feel private. And keeping it all in doesn’t work. Five dollars a month is not too much to pay for the outlet that allows my soul to speak. Upon signing on, I find new life in the home-base of 750 words! The creators have been listening. I appreciate this sense of connection, all the while most private. And now I know that my Creator will be listening. Thanks, all!

Testimonial Note from Stephanie Shareck Werner on Mon, Aug 23

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