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A Note of Inspiration from Member Bill Wright

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Today is really a special day here at 750 Words for me. I complete another badge…THREE HUNDRED SIXTY FIVE CONSECUTIVE DAYS OF INPUT. I started this run during a period of job search, and have kept the streak alive during several contracts and more searches.

I have created from basically nowhere but the theater of the/my mind
>a novella
>many chapters for several novels, all incomplete
>a long-running and now languishing fable of my alter-ego who exists in my Place of Repose.
>my most recent run is probably the most fun I’ve had recently…a sort of flash fiction using writing prompts from various sources I find around the ’Net and from ideas Diana provides occasionally.

Ironically, what I don’t use Seven Hundred Fifty Words for is a journal or a data dump. I suppose, especially recently, that function has been taken on by the protagonists in my flash fiction. And I am okay with that.

Another somewhat ironic fact is that I’ve been hanging around Seven Hundred Fifty Words for years. I was really sporadic in that time frame and didn’t really get serious about serial input until a year ago.

The other notches in the Seven Hundred Fifty Word gun belt are badges.

The Days sequential… the Seven Hundred Fifty Word Habit is now ingrained. Today I join the twelve hundred plus folks who have achieved this goal.

What is the next badge? In the not-so-distant future…I’ll have to do a closer estimate, so this may be off by a couple of days, I’ll hit five hundred thousand words…a “double flock”. With today’s input I should be in the four hundred forty thousand neighborhood. Since I am averaging just under a thousand words a day, the double flock is about sixty days out…so sometime in October I should join the Double Flock group.

And after that? Five hundred days in the next Time badge. After today, five hundred days is about five plus months, so somewhere near the end of January, likely, for that one.

And therein lies the biggest irony of all. I have never been motivated by awards of any sort. For some bizarre reason, SHFW badges are personally meaningful.

Stay tuned…I’ll be here

Testimonial Note from Bill Wright on Sat, Aug 14

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