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A Note of Inspiration from Member J Rum Cay

25 cups

I want to send my compliments to this site because my life has been significantly enhanced by having the accountability to write every day. However, I am saddened that my 400 plus day streak was broken on June 20th because of a power outage. It happened on a Sunday evening. I had written 689 words but had not yet saved it and certainly not yet finished when the power went down, causing me to lose my internet connection. The power did not come back on until way after midnight at 3 AM the next morning. Unfortunately, I did not complete my 750 words and therefore lost my streak. Oh well, life comes at you fast when you depend on the internet. I still love this site and am now starting on my next 400-day streak.

Testimonial Note from J Rum Cay on Thu, Aug 05

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