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A Note of Inspiration from Member MamaJane

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I’m here on one of the beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands looking out over a gorgeous sea. This is the kind of place where people come to clear their hearts and minds and to find peace. This morning the island is having it’s way with me and I am grounded and comfortable. But amazingly, this site is a peaceful getaway for me everyday — even when I’m not slathered with mineral based, reef friendly sun screen. Because of 750 words, I wake up wherever I am and find my way to clarity by opening my computer in my own home, a Holiday Inn, or this little bit of paradise. It’s a powerful reminder that peace is within me — independent of my environment. Thank you for providing me with such a friendly and supportive platform for relflection.

PS: But this is still pretty nice. xoxo

Testimonial Note from MamaJane on Tue, Jun 15

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