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A Note of Inspiration from Member julochka

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I discovered 750 words, thanks to the recommendation of a good friend, in January of 2020. Little did I know the year that was ahead for all of us. I think it ended up being a place where I poured my daily concerns and the anxieties of being caught up in a global pandemic. It was (and is) the daily ritual that got me through it. I’m not ready to go back and read through all that I wrote, and frankly, most of it is a lot of mundane drivel. But, it’s mine and clearly writing it helped me get through it all. After 365 days, I took a well-deserved break and then I restarted again on my birthday in March, intending this time to carry on. After all, I’ve kept up a daily photo photo project since May 2008, so surely I can do this too. Thank you for this space in which to do it. And for being that spot of discipline in my life. And please make more badges, I find them very motivating.

Testimonial Note from julochka on Fri, May 28

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