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A Note of Inspiration from Member Jeremy Rumble

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Prodigal Badge

Last summer, I somehow completed three months of writing! Awesome!

Then I started faltering. Then I convinced myself that I was still doing it, just less. .. And then I stopped.

Finally I had to admit to myself that… yeah, I actually had stopped.

Several months later, after some faltering attempts, Here I am again.

What I propose: A New Badge!
The purpose is to encourage a faltered writer who has returned to continue writing by surprising them with positive feedback.

If a writer writes 750 words in a day, after having not written for a month, surprise them with a new badge! “The prodigal returns” could be a name for it, but that’s a bit wordy iissm. Maybe just “Prodigal Child”. Or something like “Honey I’m Home” or the like. You could shorten that by calling it the “Parrot” badge.

This brings up the question: What if they do it again after having gotten the badge?

We could make multiple badges:
- Parrot: First time back
- For the Birds: Back again
- Rockin’ Robins: Third time

Another option is an ephemeral badge… One that basically evaporates if you disappear for more than a month again, and is thus re-awarded upon return. (Might be simpler.)

In the second case, since I’ve come up with cool bird-themed badge names, how about a series of badges for: Returned (parrot), Return and writing for at least a week (Jay-bird streak) and a month (rockin’ robins)?

What do you think?

New Feature Request Note from Jeremy Rumble on Tue, Apr 27

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