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A Note of Inspiration from Member Peregrine

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"back on the horse" badge -- for those who break a streak and come back writing/riding

Dear creators and sustainers!

Here’s a suggestion for a new badge, the “Back on the Horse” badge, to honor those of us who are working on a streak and for whatever reason, the streak gets broken, but WE aren’t broken, we come back and write for at least 3 or 10 (or however many you decide makes sense) days in a row AFTER breaking a streak.

Because getting back on the horse is something to celebrate. It can be hard to overcome the feelings that push us back into non-writing. I feel like this badge would mean a lot to me, and possibly to other folks, too.

Thank you so much for this site, and the atmosphere and community you support.

(i’m coming back after breaking my 288 day streak – i am so upset with myself i can hardly stand it, but as i always say in my monthly challenge – “if i miss a day i will forgive myself and keep writing.” and so i will.)

Sending you writers out there an extra boost of encouragement and gratitude. We have all been going through a lot, alone and together.

much love,

New Feature Request Note from Peregrine on Tue, Apr 06

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