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A Note of Inspiration from Member Al Pas

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I like writing. I enjoy doing it and I like the way I feel after. However, it also takes more effort than going on Youtube or Reddit, so it can be hard to start. It was frustrating to think of writing as one of hobbies in months where I only wrote a few times, if at all. 750 gets me to actually do it. The idea of breaking my streak pulls me to the keyboard, even on days where I don’t feel like it. The goal of reaching 100 000 words makes me want to add more to whatever I’m doing.
On this site, I don’t need to be working on the same one long project (hard to keep up) to keep track of my overall word count. I can work on a different short story every day, or multiple, or add little bits to other longer projects, and still have a record of how much I did. It’s motivating. I just copy and paste whatever I did onto the appropriate word document afterwards.
There’s a lot of ideas swirling around my head, and 99% of them will never ever get written down, because it’s so much effort compared to thinking about them. Thanks to the habit of writing every day, kept in place by this site, a bit more of them will reach paper and not be forgotten. I’ll get more practice, realize my own writing quirks to work around, and have a record of old ideas.

Testimonial Note from Al Pas on Thu, Feb 11

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