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A Note of Inspiration from Member Peregrine

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i found out about 750words about 5 months ago, and started using it that same day. I skipped one day after about 10, lost my streak, and since then haven’t missed. before my 30 free days were up i knew i would make the investment in myself to continue as a member. it’s been nothing less than life-changing. for most of my writing life, my experience has/had been that i could only write if i had something that needed saying, and then it would pour out of me, nearly complete. but there were droughts between, times when i couldn’t say a thing.

at some point in the first month, i hit the pit of despair – had convinced myself that not only was i not a writer, but also that counter to my previous belief about myself, i had nothing at all of value to say. i poured that failure-flavored venom out onto my pages that morning and fully expected never to come back. the very next day, i received inspiration for a project that fulfills something given to me to do 20 years ago, a task i had thought i was unworthy of undertaking, much less completing. It may end up being a lasting offering to my spiritual community.

750words has become an integral part of my life in such an amazing way. In this (sacred) space i feel content and confident to explore any idea that arises, capture whatever shows up, and rant away whatever is occupying my monkey mind so that i can get to the depths more easily. Of particular note for me is that during the same time period, i have also begun a deeply impactful shamanic practice, and spending the time journeying and writing as i go has made for some incredibly juicy experiences. using this site has brought me closer to fulfilling my purpose in the world, and i am so grateful for it.

I have learned that i can challenge myself to previously un-imagined feats – a 10,000 word day stands out as an instructive delirium of exploration – and that it’s worth sifting through some serious mud to find the gems that suddenly shine through. having this space has helped me become more experimental and tolerant with myself – taking chances and trying out the creation of form with words in ways that hadn’t occurred to me before. i haven’t delved into poetry, but there have been moments when i almost could. ha!

p.s. i love the badges — they kept me motivated through the early days of doubt and the doldrums of disbelief.
Testimonial Note from Peregrine on Thu, Nov 12

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