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A Note of Inspiration from Marilyn Jean Hazlett

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oh my goodness oh my goodness as Annie in the musical would say, how did I manage to miss a day? yesterday is blank and there is a wee note when you click on the date – oops missed a day. I don’t know how I did that but perhaps I got distracted. I so love doing 750 words and yes I was doing a washing and did keep on my laptop and then go back to it, but hey, I missed a day. well what can I say but am so sorry! I have no excuse well except I guess I have a lot on my mind at present and am hoping to clear clutter before Friday when the lady comes to discuss my new kitchen. but yes am astonished after all this time that I could forget that I hadn’t don’t my day. I guess it shows that am a bit more grown up and realising that in a way it is good to be able to get back to the egg and make a new start and look forward to a new age? and new resolve? this is such a good way to start the day and having a gap is like one of my baby teeth coming out but will learn from it and the next time I reach a new badge for like a hundred days and then five hundred and then a year for goodness sake well I can look back and think I made it, Am an achiever and you do me proud 750- onwards and upwards will get there and be a newby for a wee while it will be good for me. (my recent project has been to not have too big wedge that is coloured purple so this will be good for me to achieve that.) have a good week and stay safe! love from Marilyn (Mana) xxxx

Testimonial Note from Marilyn Jean Hazlett on Tue, Aug 04

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