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Email support & Schedule time off glitch

Be very careful with “Schedule time off” glitch. I was sick a month ago. I scheduled time off on the same day (as sickness happened), but some glitch happened and I lost my 730 days streak, even though I did write 750 words quota (by changing time zones when I realised that feature didn’t work). My streak was gone. Just imagine, 2+ years worth of keeping up good work, even when things are very hard, is gone not due to me doing something wrong, but due to silly bug on website…

Of course, I contacted support right away. I have already sent 2 emails. But 40 days later after intiial email – nothing, just a new streak counting up (which is not celebratory anymore but more annoying and triggering). It’s hard time for everyone but 40 days later without any reply is at best not business like and at worst inhumane.

It’s very unjust. First, it was feature glitch. Second, it was “ghosting”.

So, yes, I have two feature requests –
a) to fix this feature;
b) to actually have some customer support.

I know it’s hard times, but it’s hard times for everyone and no one canceled common curtesy of even just replying and saying: “Sure, we’ll look into it, give us couple of weeks, we’re too busy”. Waiting for reply for 2-3 weeks during hard times is okay, but when it’s months… this is getting too unserious.

New Feature Request Note from Roxy on Sun, Jul 26

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