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A Note of Inspiration from Esther Nagle

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please rename the 'wall of shame'

Shame isn’t a word that anyone should have to use against themselves. is a hugely motivating site, and the monthly challenges are a massive part of this. The motivation to keep writing daily is really good for my ADHD brain, and it allows me to process my emotions and heal the many wounds that a lifetime of undiagnosed ADHD has left me with.

One of those wounds is a lot of shame at my ‘failings’. Being added to a ‘wall of shame’ in the space where I am trying to unpack and heal my shame is not particularly helpful.

there could be all sorts of reasons why a person might have to miss a day of writing. Shaming them for this is unnecessary and can feel cruel and demotivating. There are many other words you could use, or people could just be removed from the writers list without needing to list the people who have missed a day at all

New Feature Request Note from Esther Nagle on Sat, Jul 25

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