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A Note of Inspiration from Jonathan Goodpasture

1 cup

I found your site several month back now and I used it for a month or so off and on. I struggle with making this a habit. I really want to but have a hard time making it stick I guess. I can’t remember you having a strict $5 a month membership back then so I am guessing this has changed possibly. You say it is “super cheap” and yes I suppose 5 bucks is super cheap in many ways but when you use is a little here and a little there and come and go because you struggle to do it in the first place $5 is a deterrent. It seems like everyone for every little thing in every little app or program wants to get paid by the month now. It feels like I should just start having my pay setup on auto pay to all the various apps and programs I want to try to help make my life fun, interesting and better … love to do that but pay only goes around the block so many laps if you know what I mean. On the other side I know you should get paid for your website as well. Why not a lifetime membership option? I though you had a donation option and not just a “day long” or whatever the 1 cup 2 cup things are. I guess in the end it is your website and your choice to charge and my choice to pay it or just grab a legal pad of paper and write there on on a word document on my local PC even. I wish I could be an everyday user and it might be rewarding to me and $5 every month might seem super cheap but as it is now I might write a couple times here and a couple times there trying to come back and before I know it a month has passed so quickly and you have another $5 from my account again …

Testimonial Note from Jonathan Goodpasture on Fri, Dec 06

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