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A Note of Inspiration from Cindy F.

12 cups
Streak Freeze

Similar to other programs such as Duolingo, as you accumulate currency by continued use, in this case “cups” by continued writing, you could use those cups to buy a “streak freeze”, which preserves your streak for one day if you miss and didn’t schedule time off. This is something you can purchase at any time, and then it is stored and applied automatically if you miss. After using it you can purchase another streak freeze whenever you accumulate enough cups again, but you can have only one at a time to discourage frequent missed days.
For many of us, the idea of a “streak” is very motivating and it can be hard to get back on board if you accidentally miss a day after a long time. Life happens! The idea of having an extra cushion is comforting. :)

New Feature Request Note from Cindy F. on Tue, Nov 26

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