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A Note of Inspiration from Member Diana Dee

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750words reminds me that I am a writer. In 4 years of being here, I have yet to write my daily quota for a 30 day streak. I used to feel bad about this. But now I just let my membership be a reminder that this is where my heart belongs – communicating in the written word and other mediums. I work outside the home at a job that is increasing in responsibility and possibly will become a partnership. I have two 20-somethings that aren’t launched and struggling to support themselves. I am also the main caregiver for my fiance (7 nights, 4 days), basically the days I’m not at work. I’m always on the go, moving, doing, with no time to just STOP and SIT at my computer and WRITE. This moment is a rarity because I woke up ahead of my fiance which usually doesn’t happen. Sometimes when the day is done, I might have a few minutes that I can sit down, but I’m so exhausted, I just want my head to hit the pillow. 750 words reminds me that even when I don’t sit down at the keyboard regularly, I AM STILL A WRITER, and I WILL get these words onto paper eventually.

Testimonial Note from Diana Dee on Sun, Nov 11

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