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A Note of Inspiration from Member Mary Jane Boholst

10 cups

9 days ago I was able to regain my 500 day streak. I would have had 1000 days if I hadn’t missed just one day over 500 days ago.

I could be disappointed about that, but what it shows me is that I can stick to things despite set backs and regain what was lost, even if it takes a while. I know I can get that Flying Squirrel as long as I manage my time and energy well.

Thank you 750 words for showing me that things are possible with perseverance. Oh and for helping me see that I can actually acheive a dream. (I became a published author last month!) Thank you for showing me how a little bit every day can add up to a lot. Here’s to reaching that next level!

Testimonial Note from Mary Jane Boholst on Thu, Apr 05

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