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A Note of Inspiration from Nabila

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The year of 2016 is not the best year in my life. Whenever I look back, what I can remember are mostly the setbacks. Every year is like a roller coaster, indeed, but it felt like I kept going down in 2016. However, one day, one of my friend told me that there must be happy moments in everybody’s life, and those simple words of him reminded me that I indeed have happy moments beside those setbacks.

One of the happy moments in 2016 is the day I started writing on I was mostly not in a good state of mind for the second half of the year, but helped me to go through the days, everyday. There were times when I was confused, anxious, nervous, or scared, and relieve those depressing emotions. There were times when I couldn’t trust anybody, so I decided to “talk to myself” through It has been my sanctuary, my secret escape, especially when I thought I had nowhere to go.

I have a good expectation for this year, and having a positive mind is a good way to start the year, right? I will try to continue writing everyday. Let’s see what surprises this year has prepared for me. Happy writing for all writers out there!

Testimonial Note from Nabila on Tue, Jan 10

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