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First and foremost, I am so grateful for 750 words. It has been such an essential part of getting my writing going and I’m afraid to think of where I would be without it. In a way it feels wrong to ask for anything more. But that being said, I have an idea that I think would be extremely helpful to me and a large portion of people on this site. Would it be feasible to have a separate section to log into during NanoWrimo that is separate from you 750 words goal and is instead 1,667 words which is the daily amount of words needed to get to 50,000? I would also think many people would be willing to pay extra for this feature that month. Or even donate toward the efforts of getting something like this going? Just a thought. Because during my Nanowrimo, I still want to be doing my morning pages separate from that. And I want to be able to clearly count my 1667 words and then see how this climbs in my achievement of 50,000 words. It also is helpful that at the end of the month you could copy and paste it into one document and have your Nanowrimo novel. Because 750 words, with its badges and ways of keeping track has been so completely life changing for me as far as my writing goes, I think a NanoWrimo would help patrons to complete something that seems so unreachable.

Thanks for your time and all that you do,


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