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A Note of Inspiration from Member Diana Dee

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This site has held up a standard for me to aspire to. My consistency has been awful. A smattering of days where I actually write and maybe 2 or 3 days a month when I might hit 750 or get close. I’ve noticed almost a resistance to sitting down at my computer and writing blog articles or working on my book or participating in my groups. It’s almost like I’m hiding in my cave right on the edge of crossing over into my future as a writer, afraid to take the next step in my journey. I could really use a couple of buddies to have more interaction with supporting each other in our growth and writing projects. If this is of interest to you, especially women (I’m a huge champion of womens development and reaching our potential as individuals), please email me at [email protected] OR [email protected] and let’s talk.

If it’s helpful, my writing currently centers around personal development, holistic health, self-care, massage, disability and caregiving issues. I live in California on PST. I’m 55 and have 3 adult children, 1 or 2 of whom are still in my home (depending on circumstances!!).

Testimonial Note from Diana Dee on Fri, Jul 22

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