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A Note of Inspiration from Geniyat Issin

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I’ve reached the Space Bird badge last week.
It’s been a long 500-day journey and I’m very thankful to creators of this site for letting me have this thrilling experience.
Once I was on the verge of failing. I was on the business trip and my notebook didn’t want to get online so to keep the streak I typed the daily word quota through my mobile only to find out the next morning that it didn’t count…
To say that I was disappointed is to say nothing.
I kept on writing turning into an egg.
And in the meantme I’ve humbly asked for a pardon from the tech support. And before I turned into a penguin I’ve received the kind note from Kellianne that notified me that I’ve been reinstituted as a Pegasus and that it’s quite an often complaint about attempts to do it through mobile phones… It was such a relief. And I can’t feel more thankful than I was – because it’d be very hard somehow to start all over again… I know I’d do that anyways but it’d be such a drawback…

Right now – i’m in the new trip to get that new badge of Flying Squirrel. And it’s going to be a tough journey – but I’m prepared. The habit of daily writing is so strongly ingrained in my brain – that I don’t worry at all that I won’t reach that ultimate target.

In the process of journey – I find a lot of positive changes in me. I am less worried about things – once they’ve written out you start seeing them from a different angle and you find that most of the worries are silly. I feel that I have a better control of my thoughts – I haven’t reached the state of enlightenment yet – but I feel that the firm grisp of incessant thinking has somewhat relaxed and mostly because of the meditation I practice while typing 750 words daily.

I also praise myself on facebook – doing screenshots and bragging about the new badge – but it has some side effect. People say that they get inspired by my example and they want to write more as well. So, it’s a ripple effect that has its positivity.

Once again – thanks to Buster and Kellianne for this wonderful space. I’m pretty sure that without this great resource my life would be much more boring…

Testimonial Note from Geniyat Issin on Sun, Jun 19

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