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A Note of Inspiration from EspressoLvr

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The meta data hooked me. It helps me immediately reflect on my mood while writing, and I wouldn’t normally pay attention to that. I’ve found some insight into myself, mostly to dig into the anger and find out what’s really bothering me.

Recently I came up with the gem that my father gets his sense of belonging and love from extended family, and I don’t. And that’s a much more gown up way to express my feelings when refusing to participate in activities with people I won’t ever have anything to do with after my father passes away.

I’ve found the emotional dump helpful in keeping my worrying less bothersome, my aggravations more defensible, and put those feelings of my inner child into grown up terms.

Sometimes it helps me work out all my thoughts and shake out a better path to take. I was trying to figure out when or if I could/should ever resume my educational goals (I’m 49), and after I dumped all the ifs, whens, and buts, I came up with a totally agreeable and doable path to remove my only regret in life, which would also result in a much higher paid position more than 5 years before retirement resulting in a very pretty pension. See?! And I never have to spin it around in my head again because it’s already worked out!

My therapist is responsible for setting me on the path to find a journalling outlet, and I’m so glad I stumbled upon, the meta data alone is valuable to me, but it’s proven to be so much more enlightening than I imagined my own thoughts and torments could ever be.

Testimonial Note from EspressoLvr on Fri, Jun 10

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