The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from linda chavers

2 cups

many times, on days (nights, rather) like this i may not necessarily have something specific to write or work on but this practice of daily writing and to make 750 words/ 3 pages is something i really value and appreciate. i think its healthy and helpful in my discipline. or maybe its pointless, who knows. i guess the aim — the dream would be to write every day, for at least 750 words/ 3 pages, and have it be on the same thing. therefore producing a manuscript after x number of days or months. i got an idea for a novel so there’s a challenge. my problem is that i have multiple writing bursts/ideas/storms on any given day. some are continued threads from years, others from just days. so i want to write them all and theres a sense of urgency to it so i feel i must write them all simultaneously. the problem with this is one, losing steam, becoming ambivalent, and never committing.

so maybe if i can just commit to writing every day and for 750 words/ 3 pages then maybe after awhile i can commit to more.

Testimonial Note from linda chavers on Sat, May 14

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