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A Note of Inspiration from NH Hisham

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Writing daily has helped me reflect on my thoughts, feelings and actions in a medium that is safe, secured and fun. My entries usually start like ramblings but the ending often surprises me. Unexpected realisations creep up on you like a random discovery which you eventually accept as something you’ve always known all along. And it fuels one’s determination to change, to overcome challenges, strengthen new learnings and form new positive habits. For me specifically, the one benefit that I feel is most significant is a sense of anchored calmness. In a world that is becoming more frenzied, my oasis of calm seems to have grown wider and more consistent thanks to the daily writing habits on this site. To the good people who maintains this site and those who frequent it with their daily entries, thank you for being part of this journey. I hope to stick around for a lot longer this time. :)

Testimonial Note from NH Hisham on Thu, May 12

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