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A Note of Inspiration from Robin Layfield

3 cups
Starred entries

I try to write every day and sometimes something gets written that I find really surprises me and that I know I might want to revisit in the future. Sometimes this is a conclusion about my life, or it might be the thread of a short story, or an idea for an app.

Going back through the record to find something is currently very challenging. There is a rudimentary search feature but it doesn’t seem to be very effective and the only other option is to browse one of the monthly summary pages and go through it entry by entry.

If only there was a way to ‘Star’ a post and leave a little note so that you could revisit it in future.

I expect this feature would be very straightforward to develop and would improve the overall experience – and usefulness – of 750 words for everyone.

That’s why I think it is worth at least three cups of coffee!

New Feature Request Note from Robin Layfield on Tue, May 10

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