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A Note of Inspiration from Bogusia

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Writing Projects

A possibility to write long projects integrated with daily words.
The user would create a project – title, target number of words, deadline (optional parameters)
then, after writing our daily 750 words we could directly copy all or part of it to the project file.
The project could be stored on 750words or, for instance, the text could be transfered through a link to google docs: the user would define a file or several files in google docs as linked to 750 words (e.g. in the “edit project” feature); and after each day of writing we could copy (for instance through a small button on the margin of the page or something) the entire daily text or part of it into the pre-defined (or one of several pre-defined) google docs file(s).

Let me know what you think about this proposal :-)
It would be very convenient for all of us here who write fiction with the use of your site. :-)

New Feature Request Note from Bogusia on Thu, May 05

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