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A Note of Inspiration from Ashleigh Gauch

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I have been using this site for just under 30 days now, achieved at 22 day streak before falling off due to drama. The most interesting thing about it? I found myself missing the time spent here. It’s almost sacred to me, in a strange way.

Even though I’ve been relatively haphazard about when it happens, making sure I write every single day fills some part of me that I can’t seem to touch otherwise. This space gives me the motivation to tap at the keyboard and helps me clear my mind enough that ideas flow. I have cysts all through my hands and even though The Artist’s Way recommends that pages be done EVERY MORNING and LONGHAND, I’ve found that doing them AT ALL is really what counts, and this site helps me do that.

I can only hope that as I heal more and build my career as a writer (because I’ve been published five times now and want to make it a full time career) that I’ll never let anything get in the way of this sacred time.

Testimonial Note from Ashleigh Gauch on Tue, May 03

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