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A Note of Inspiration from Kelly Sollinger

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I’ve been writing morning pages on paper for over three years now. When I found this site I was skeptical. I guess I was a purist at heart and if Cameron said to do it on paper what other way could there be?! After just a month I’ve discovered and embraced that writing morning pages digitally is indeed okay. For the first time in three years I wrote the full amount every single day. And I got feedback and encouragement on how I was doing. Plus I don’t have to contribute to the growing stack of notebooks that I’d really like to trash but can’t seem to bring myself to do. The other advantage is this: with the paper notebooks, I always had the vague sense that there might be something in them, some germ of an idea, that might be something someday. But how to uncover it amidst all those pages? Now I know that all the words are there in digital format and, if I so desire, I can get at them and analyze them and search for that germ. I just paid for my subscription and I don’t see ever going back to the notebooks!

Testimonial Note from Kelly Sollinger on Sun, May 01

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