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during the month of April I have been in hospital with pneumonia, and had seventeen stitches on a cut on my leg – the wound became infected snd i was in hospital again, to have it cleaned nd again to have the skin graft that was necessary . In short, `i have spent most of the month either in hospital, or at home in bed with my leg up or on crutches (foremother three weeks) But the most important thing about this is that i wrote 750+ words every day! Even when i came back from surgery ! This has given mdc a huge boost of confidence – I know now that i can do anything I put my mind to -that i will sit down and do it no matter what – I love this site! it has kept me connected with my writing and with my feelings – this is not a month I would care to repeat bt i am extremely grateful for what it has given me.

Testimonial Note from kate beswick on Fri, Apr 29

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