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A Note of Inspiration from Patron Joe McDonnell

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I want to throw out there that right now I am not doing well at being who I want to be or working toward who I want to become. I am slipping into a concerning pattern of laziness and demotivation. However the Bible often talks about a ‘remnant.’ This is when the Hebrews are backslidden and it looks like all is lost, God preserves a remnant to keep His word and His law. In a lot of ways, 750 words is my remnant. I have not been habitually writing for a long time, but no matter how lazy or demotivated I get, I write my 1000 words (I upped it from 750, because I…well, I do not really have a good reason. I just did.) Anyway, I still read my bible as well, and to process all the thoughts, I have this site.

I want to take this testimonial note as an opportunity to thank Buster and Kellianne for providing this outlet to preserve my remnant. Today’s writing (well, really this note is a pretty good summary of it) was powerful and I am thinking it is about time to turn this crazy train around.

Testimonial Note from Joe McDonnell on Sat, Apr 16

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