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A Note of Inspiration from Mary Meyer

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I’m not sure how much this is a testimonial but more of a question….

I’m getting a lot from this, remembering the discipline of Morning Pages when I did it 20 years ago when I wrote pages by hand. And when I watch Julia Cameron’s video, she really emphasizes writing by hand and I see that repeated in the links to her I look up—handwriting over typing. So I went back to writing by hand in a journal and really appreciate the feel. When I am on my computer I can get easily distracted, plus the hard cold computer feels mechanical vs. the the curving of cursive writing with my right hand on warm paper. It feels more organic. And thoughts and my brain move differently.

So I’m left wondering, since reference is made to Julia’s Morning Pages, has she really given her “blessing” on how we do it here because of the basic principle? I like aspects of both and hope to incorporate some of each. It is less tiring to write by hand 3 pages than it is to type 750 words (and I used to be a speedy typist back in the day of typewriters and early word processing computers).

What I’m thinking of is going back to my handwritten journal entry of the morning and start to type it in as a starting point. Perhaps keeping up finishing in 20 minutes will keep me from feeling like I’m spending too much time.

Any thoughts on the matter?

Testimonial Note from Mary Meyer on Sun, Apr 03

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