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A Note of Inspiration from Member Kaylois

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100 Days. That is what the counter said at the top of the page today. 100 days. I have been writing consistently for the last 100 days. And I can’t believe it. I have found this site, this action to be soothing. I am not working on any great work of art, or trying to set the world to rights. I am just a woman who needs a place to clear her head and get some space in the welter of things that come at me in daily life. And this small gesture, of sitting down every day and writing 750 or more words has managed to do just that for me. I have never thought of myself as a persistent person when it came to personal things. But this site has shown me that I have the ability to stick with it. To write daily. To rise from the ashes of my previous failures. To be a Phoenix. Thanks so much for this.

Testimonial Note from Kaylois on Mon, Mar 21

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